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Greetings all,

I'm an owner of a Corsa 1.2/2003 Reg 56k miles done. which is my first car i've owned since 2006. I am a complete novice with car's in general i've never been inspired by them at all, or to learn about my car personally and what makes it tick. Sorry if this offends anyone i tend to let a garage do their thing and if it works great!


I was coming back from a day trip around 10th oct 2011 (30mins) away when i noticed my temperature was hitting the roof (in red) so had to call AA out n whatnot and it ended up being my water pump, the hose had popped off and apparently had to get a replacement which i did.

And then in 2012 (Mot/Service) the head gasket had to be replaced as well as the drive shaft. Amongst other things!

And well the time in 2013 i've been losing water in my coolant bottle over the last few months i've needed to check it every trip and i can fill it up (half to the line) and it will be gone the next day.

It's currently at the garage and he has changed the thermostat and seems to be stable which is good news! and water seems to be holding.
I might get him to check the gasket again just incase as its still under warranty. And my exhaust is getting replaced too .. which i've been holding off for 2 odd years

I collect it Sunday and its going back for Mot on the 23rd!

Oh and i've had some kind of leak for 3 odd years in the driver's passenger side in the foot well though nobody can find anything obvious!

I Personally feel it might be time for the scrap heap! but i have an attachment to this car :D
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