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Hi. I have just bought a 2001 Corsa with just over 288,000km on it. Body and interior is pretty good so I decided to buy with the intention of just replacing engine when it dies. Anyway I digress...

The car, when cold, starts fine and idles fine but it struggles to start once the engine is pretty warm, short drives around my town (under about 15km) and its fine. Do 30 min of driving, turn off the engine and it wont start. I thought we had it nailed with the fuel relay, replaced that but it still has the issue. A full service has been done and all plugs were clean when removed. There is spark and fuel to the common rail (pulses when cranking the engine over) but after turning the car over quite a bit the plugs remain dry. After sometime it will start again and idle normally.

Does anyone have any idea what could be the problem? Although the car accelerates fine there is a little bit of 'jerkiness' while getting up to speed. Once you hit 100-120km/h there it seems to settle in. The fuel pump is quite noisy but the previous owner says its always been that way.

A friend reckons I should replace the fuel pump? I was thinking of the crank sensor but surely that would either work or not work?
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