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I bought my car from new towards the end of 09 and it's beginning to feel like a Friday car, many things are going wrong with it.

I seem recently to be having an issue with the car stalling, and from what i can tell it seems to mainly happen once it's been going for a while (hot) and then the engine is restarted after a short break. In rare circumstances it stalls once it's already been driven a far way.

Basically you start the car, and it starts and then the revs drop and this it stalls. It does restart again but generally the same happens 3 or 4 times before it starts correctly. Generally it's tickover that is the issue.

I've checked for any logs and cannot see any fault codes recorded in the ECU.

I've replaced the Air Filter as that was pretty dirty which has not made any difference.

I'm not sure where to go from here without taking it into a garage which i really can't afford ATM.

Any suggestions? Or has anyone else had similar issues?

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Welcome to the Forum.

If it is anything like due for a FULL service, that may be all that is required - the fact that the air cleaner element was dirty, may be telling you that it hasn't had a GOOD service of late.

It might pay to buy a tin of 'carb cleaner' (Halford's etc) then use that along with a small brush (old toothbrush) to clean up the throttle body.

Let us know if this doesn't effect a cure - there are other areas, such as temperature sensor that could cause this sort of problem.

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