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Ok will be selling this on ebay ina few days if i have no interest from anyone on here :)

This auction is for my beloved 3 door manual Vauxhall Corsa SXI, (X reg 2000) which I have owned for around 3 years. From the moment I saw this car I wanted it and I hope people looking for one feel the same!

To say the car is only a 1.2 it is a very nippy little thing and would be perfect for a new driver as the insurance is very low and they are great on petrol!

Below I have hopefully written everything you need to know about the car. Any questions at all please message me and I will answer them for you.

The car had its MOT around 4 weeks ago so there is no need to worry about that. I have also just put 6 months tax on the car. I have a folder full of all service history and other bits and bobs!


1.2 16v SXI with 80k on the clock


Arden Blue - one of the more rarer colours found on the Corsa

Factory tinted windows + sun strip to help keep some of the sun out.

Electric, heated colour coded wing mirrors

Colour coded rear + front bumper

14" SXI alloy wheels with covers and key

Spoiler for a sportier look


Standard bucket seats at front and all seats have the lovely SXI design on them!

Electric windows, which were added after I bought the car as it was too much like hard work moving my hand round and round :p

Power assisted steering


Front and rear speakers

Safety / Security

Meta alarm system with central locking


Deadlocking (means the doors can't be opened if a thief smashes the window and tries to pull the door pins up)

Driver airbag

Bits and pieces that need sorting

The car WILL need new front brake pads and disks

I did have my car broken into a couple of years back where the driver's door was bent back! I bent it back to how it should be and haven't had a problem since, but I have bought another door for it which will just need spraying Arden blue and fitting. The door will come in the final price of the car.

The passenger rear quarter has a slight dent in it at the bottom which I did when I reversed into something by accident... Whoops! Not bad at all though.

The rest of the car is in great condition with a few small scrapes which would be found on just about any car of this age.

I hope I have covered everything and I have been as honest as I possibly can :)

Looking for £1700 ono

the battery is properly secured in now btw :)
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