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The problem:

I first noticed the problem when driving 30 miles home, all was fine and when I finally got to my destination I went into tesco and back out 5 mins later and my car would not start. I tried for a good 30 mins, it was turning over but nothing. I waited a little bit longer, tried again and it worked. So I drove the 2 miles home.

The next time I went to use my car I drove 18 miles all was fine, left the car for about 5-6 hours then started the journey back. All was fine untill I was slowing down (coming off the motorway) then the car died on me, all the lights came on and it wouldn't start. After about 5-10 mins it started and drove for less than a minute, I did this a couple of times and then had to get toed by a friend.

The corsa is still outside my house and when I go to start it all is fine. But I know that if I drive it again the same thing will happen.

Just wondering if you guys have any ideas?
I can't do the paperclip test.

Hope you guys can help!
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