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Hi all,
Today, i was about to install a genuine GM (Hella), LED type 3rd brakelight into my 5 doors Corsa B, so first i checked, what kind of new cables i have to wire up at the taillight. As far, as i know, such a brakelight takes originally 2 wires, one brown for the earth and one black/yellow for the lead (from the break pedal switch). So i thought, i need to wire these up myself from the taillight, to the 3rd breaklight completely, but when i got into the car and removed the cover of the light cluster, i was highly surprised, that the black/yellow wire is already present in the black connector of the upwarding loom and in the loom itself,
i64.tinypic. com/359ika0.jpg
while my cars is a pre-facelift one and the boot lid doesn't even prepared for any 3rd brakelights (doesn't have the 3 holes).
i66.tinypic. com/8ys183.jpg
After all of these, i popped the rubber tube out of the lid and saw, the black/yellow wire is still in the loom...
i66.tinypic. com/292qntx.jpg
Unfortunatelly, it's merged to the loom, which goes to the hollow section, besides the rear windshield and not to the right direction, where a genuine 3rd brakelight should be normally.
i66.tinypic. com/33o5gmt.jpg
Is it mean, that the wires are preinstalled by the factory, just they taped it up to a very stange place and this isn't that unusual at all, or it's not even the lead wire for the brakelight?
Thanks in advance for the suggestions.

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