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does anyone know the reason why a corsa B (year 2000) would be a higher car tax band than a corsa C? (year 2001)

They are both 1.0ltr engines..

Is it because the emissions are lower on the Corsa C?

The other half asked me, as she has just had her car tax reminder.

Just wondered if anyone knew.:thumbs_up:

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All post 2001 (March) cars VED's are worked out on emissions. How much Co2 it releases per km.

All pre 2001 cars are just grouped via two engine sizes, upto 1549cc and 1550cc and over.

Quite often it works out cheaper to tax a pre 2001 car of the same make/model if it has a bigger engine, after the price tends to jump up even though it's the same car, model and engine.

Where smaller post 2001 cars tend to work out cheaper as the tend to be less polluting.

Manufacturers have cottoned on in recent years and tighten/fooled the emissions.
I say fooled because they have used "sport" buttons and the likes of stop/start to reduce their products output, yet still offer the same sort of performance.

They also have a directive to reduce the overall emissions output of their complete range, something Aston Martin did with Cygnet, badged a Toyota IQ up and added to the sales list reduced their overall ranges emissions considerably.
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