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get on here:

the saab b204 conversion is an awesome thing. there is a bot more work required but the end result is a car with an engine safe to 450bhp+ on stock internals.

basic points:

buy a full saab donor, your after a 1993-1996ish saab 900. theres plenty of pics on yhe above link of the correct engine

the camchain end engine mount is the hardest bit, as youhave to make it, but its only flat plate welded together. again, pics above.

nigel saab pumford does wiring kits, and remaps. a stage 3 map is 270bhp.

the stock ecu is infinitely mappable. you dont need standalone like a c20let.

parts are cheap. they dont have scene tax yet.

the info is there, you just need to search.
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