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UPDATE-SORTED! Bought some K seal (cost £12!) put in in, and after nearly a week its found the pin hole in the rad and stopped the leak, so rad not needed anymore!

I need a good rad for my 1999 Corsa b 1.7 diesel, I think the petrol ones maybe the same. Please bear in mind I can get a new one on Ebay delivered for £27 when quoting a price, can collect within reasonable distance from my location.

Also if anyone wants to supply a good one and fit it at reasonable cost not too far from me would be handy, also could do with fan belt adjusting at the same time (its a bit loose and squeaking sometimes)
Will pay £50 in total if anyones interested, can bring the car to you if its not too far away, anytime over the holiday.
I'm 1 mile away from M25-J25 just off the A10 in Enfield, north London thanks Dave.

Will monitor emails frequently on- [email protected]
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