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Car Make: vauxhall
Model: Corsa B
Engine size: 1.6 16v
Registration Year: S-reg
Mileage: stuck on 71919

mot - end of feb
tax - end of this month (can still tax at buyers expense)

Description: this corsa started life as a breeze 1litre and i have converted it to a 1.6 16v xe enigne out of a tigra, i used the tigra car loom and this was the model that had ABS, front fogs and electric sun roof (the wires have been removedfor it) i also used the airbag system aswell so it does have both drivers and passanger aibags ( light is now on) i also used the hydrolic power steering from it aswell, i didnt want to use the electric steering because it was faulty.

the engine was a bit smokey when i got it so i replaced the valve stem oil seals and the piston rings, so when i done that i put a new head gasket set, cambelt and water pump, oil & filter and spark plug, air filter was brand new when i checked it.

2 litre vectra brakes 256mm vented
power linlet mainfold
60mm lowering springs (still on standerd shocks)

bad points:
oil leak from head gasket and sump
speedo doesn' t work
engine ildes about 1700-2000 rpm because of the mainfold and i belive that one of the sensor is faulty on the throttle body
exhaust is blowing from the rear back box
the body work is prefect so there are a few stcraches, but the bad points is a rust patch on the drivers poor, two dents on the driver wing (one from where my brother hit it with his lorry and the other one is from a little sh*t who decide it would be funny to run over the front of it), scratch on the front and rear bumper.

spare parts will also be included in the sale
anti-role bar rear axle (could do with a rebuild)
2x drive shafts
2x front hubs
a spare head (missing some collets)
a spare gearbox
2x throttle bodies
ABS pump
and anything else i can find for it will be included

they are to follow will post asap

Contact Details:
text me on 07706890968 because i work most of the day

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dont get me wrong this car is still very quick and does speeds to to 130mph (done on a private road) in the pictures i have 14inch wheels at the front and 13inch wheels at the back because some cu*t put what looks to be like a screw driver in one of the back wheels, bit they will be in the car when sold


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Forgot to mention that the starter motor is now faulty so I will take £300 for the car as it is or £350 with the spares, I will also be putting this up on eBay tomorrow
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