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Hi guys,

So on Christmas eve I drove home from work and on the way back the car lost power, and would have a knocking noise past 2k revs, got it home and deduced it had lost cylinder 3.

Have been trying to fix it since then. There does not seem to be any issue with spark. The plug on cylinder 3 did not seem to be getting wet and as this engine is single point injection only thing I could think of was the lifters. So I changed the lifters/cam followers to cylinder 2 and the problem switched cylinders. I replaced the lifters and cam followers but the car does not start at all. Cylinder 1 and 2 plugs are dry, 3 and 4 seem to be getting wet.
Is it possible i've just messed up the seating when refitting the head? Timing seems okay.

Any ideas on this at all?

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