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Hey guys. Once my corsa is stopped after a drive, I can smell something burning I dont know what it is, first I thought it was the clutch because the smell seemed to be coming from the right side of engine bay where the exhaust goes to the back and where the transmission connects to the engine

I tested the clutch by pulling the handbrake, giving gas in second gear and it stalled, I let off the clutch slowly without handbrake in third and it stalled. The car pulls by slowly releasing the clutch in first gear without stalling but its very slow so I think the clutch is fine. 5th gear up a hill RPM and speed stay same, 3rd gear up the hill RPM and car speed both increase.

A quick walk around and I realized I could smell it all around the car but prominently on the passenger side and the exhaust is on the passenger side too. There are no leaks or weird noises coming from the engine or transmission or the clutch. So what can it be? I cant describe the smell but its mixed between plastic, papers and carpets. mostly like burning carpets. I turned the car on again after letting it cool down, without moving I revved the engine to make it hot as if I was driving but I could barely smell the same smell. So I guess I am going to have to wait till tomorrow morning until I drive it but what can it be? when I was getting it aligned, got a look under the car and there is some corrosion on the first part of the exhaust but it has double coating so only one metal coat is corroded, can that be it? Car feels lighter to drive.

has this happened to you? or am I just being paranoid?

Thank you.
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