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hi guys iv got a corsa 1st time driver and im all most about 2 be on the rde only thing stopping me is the steering its feels very loos turning left is very easy and it don't come back it will stay where i leev it and right is very hard but will come back the right tyre is not str8 its on abit of an angle like this / | looking from the front but not that much lol as eny 1 got an idea much appreciated thanks:thumbs_up:

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Please don't use text talk.

I think that I have deciphered your request for information.
If the right hand front road wheel is leaning in at the top as you suggest, the car may have been involved in an accident, which has not been correctly repaired.
If this is the case, then the work needs to be corrected before you take the car on the road.
The problem with the steering being difficult to turn in one direction but not in the other, sounds very much as if the torque sensor is out of adjustment.
If you were to go to your local Vauxhall dealers with this problem, they would probably tell you that you needed a new steering unit, and want to charge you an arm and a leg.
If this IS the problem, it is in fact adjustable, albeit a bit of a pain to do.
I'm sure that there is an article, either on this forum or on The Corsa Co forum describing the repair.
If you wanted someone to carry out the work for you, it might pay to check out your local Vauxhall Specialist - these are NOT official Vauxhall establishments, but are people who have been trained at a dealership and have most of the special equipment needed to carry out work on the Vauxhall range.

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