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Ok Went down 2 huge potholes in the dark, after this a knock developed which sounded like from drivers side :shocked:, the car was due for an MOT so rather than try to find the offending part I just took it for the MOT thinking they would pick up the cause for the knock, anyway the car only failed on handbrake cable, inner cv boot split and steering ball joint. Thinking the track rod was the cause :), so replaced all the parts and the knock was still there :eek:but the car passed the MOT with no advisaries :). so checked with tester and he said that he couldn't find any problems.
So the knock which when turning left and accelerate the knock was loud, also noticed the gear lever moved a lot, speaking to a mechanic he said it could be engine/gearbox mount or driveshaft, so replaced driveshaft, suspension leg and gearbox mount although after removal they looked ok, the Knock was still there but getting worse now noticed that the steering would be vague pulling to the left when accelerating hard and when took foot off acellerator the car would straighten up.
Well this was P*****g me so decided to give it to the local village garage who told me they have had a few cars in with knocks with various suspension issues due to the poor roads so they checked everything and all was ok.
They eventually found that the subframe was loose the bolts/nuts had come loose and after tightning everything up the car is now normal again with no knocks ok for £25.
Hope this helps someone rather than have 4 weeks of hell.:)
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