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Hi. I have a 52 plate Corsa Easytronic 1.2 SXI. I had the dreaded flashing F when I bought it.

I sent the actuator to ECU Testing Ltd. They repaired it (Fault P1607) and I refitted it and bled it. It ran for about 4 miles then lost gears and had a fixed F on the display. I was waiting for the AA and it cleared the fault itself. I cancelled the AA and drove a further 45 miles with no problems.

The next day it drove about 2.5 miles and did the same. The AA came and put his box of tricks on giving many different faults (mainly temperature related) but I had disconnected the battery and tapped the actuator and selector trying to reset it so I may have caused some of these.

I got it home and the next day it started and drove fine on the drive. I changed the crank sensor as its cheap and easy to fit and many people have said this is a problem. I then had the same fixed F later on. I managed to clear this by tapping the selector lightly with the wooden shaft of a hammer. I removed the selector unit and checked the brushes and the bearings on the motors. They seamed fine, I cleaned them and refitted it but now can't seam to get a gear. It says its in A on the dash but does not drive.

I set it up as the Haynes manual said and the gearbox was in neutral when I started. Any diagrams or advice would be appreciated.


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