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Rather than add to an old thread, I have discovered I am another victim of the dreaded Corsa C Leak..

I spent today sealing up all along all the bolts on the front of the bulkhead, only to find that when I tested it again the water still came through around the pedal box seal !
I noted the old threads and the application of underseal to the join seems to work, so will try that next.

Does anyone remember a product made in the 1980's by Comma called "seek and seal?" It's a clear liquid that you apply where near the leaking area and it sets to seal the gaps..
I googled it only to find that it is no longer produced...would have been ideal for all our leaky corsas ! BUT...

They tell you that there is a similar product called "Capt Tollys Creeping Crack Cure" (no jokes please) which is still available from Midland Chandlers..

I am investigating this right now and have emailed to see if this is still available ! Could be very useful...:)
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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