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I get a high pitched intermittent whine - squeak while driving. Sometimes a squeal as I start the engine. Some times when idling the squeak - whine varies in pitch (like an old am radio off station).

I have removed the alternator belt and tried all the pulleys by spinning them. No rumbeling or wobbles. The only thing that is a little wobbly is the Belt tensioner, Not sure if this is normal!

I asked a bout the water pump because I can go hundreds of miles & then suddenly the water level goes down to half or bottom of the expansion tank.

So my question is: "Can water get into the bearings of the water pump" if so would it make a similar noise?

Any Ideas please

Thanks in anticipation

Slim :palm:

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If the pump seal fails, coolant should be seen externally, but sometimes, when the engine is hot, it evaporates, making detection more difficult.

A couple of thoughts: Could the belt be slipping? I ask this, as you mention that you get the squeak when you first start up. If the belt and/or pulleys are worn or there isn't enough tension on the belt, you will tend to get this slipping as the alternator attempts to replace what you have just taken out of the battery by using the starter A new belt might be a good idea.
If you think that a bearing may be the culprit, use a long length of dowel (or even a long screwdriver) - one end placed IN your ear, the other on the pump, alternator, belt tensioner etc - if the bearings in any of these are rough, you will hear it through the 'listening stick.

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