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Hi . Help an old codger out here. I know this question has been asked before re alloys but this is a new twist. I have a corsa D diesel out in Bulgaria on 14” steel rims 185/70 14 tyres.(classy eh?)I want a set of steel rims for my winter tyres,same size. To improve choice and with my limited bulgarian it would be easier to get any old 100pdc 4 stud 14 inch opel wheels without having to investigate models and offsets. Handling (and looks!) are not so important,I just dont want anything to rub.Preferably without spacers and enough room for snow chains.I think corsa d are 39 and corsa c 49 offset, or thereabouts,which is quite a big difference.
A set of winter tyres on steel rims are a good idea even in the uk so maybe any info will help others. They are great in cold weather and brilliant if there is snow and could save you a fortune in damaged or salt corroded alloys and wear on your summer tyres.Use them once in poor weather and you will be a convert.

Update. Ok I suppose the question was a bit obscure and retro. I have climbed under to have a look.Clearance between the tyre and main suspension strut is only about 30mm. I didnt bother looking further.Deduct 10mm for the et difference and this is getting a bit tight with snow chains flaying ice.Guess I will have to brave a few more scrapyard guard dogs for ET 39's.G and H astra wheels should be ok.
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