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Been really busy lately but need to get rid of loads of bits:

Firstly I have a 1.0 corsa B newish exhaust system which includes the backbox and the mid section. not used for long, maybe max about 1K miles:

Bad boy bonnet, needs sanding, filling etc. Has a mild scoop in the middle from the MFD cover, has been fibreglassed in, good airflow etc. Will need painting too £30

C20xe Block, mahle pistons, oil pump, waterpump, oil pickup pipe, crank installed, slight rust on block. early light flywheel, Don;t know if it needs re-honing or not. £40 and has been painted etc.

Dizzy c20xe, was going to use it on my c20xe, Don't know condition but seems fine tbh. £15

F20 gearbox, has been stood for a while, painted with stainless bolts, missing a certain cover, well it comes with it but you'll need a new one as its got a hole in it. No release bearing too. £25? I do have faith that it works perfectly however no proof.

Coscast head, looks in very good condition with all valves in, no cracks etc. £offers, as I don't know how much its worth.

MHW smoked corsa B rear lights, left one is good condition however right one on the outside plastic has been slightly damaged. Prev owner filled it with a bit of black silcone which when put on etc you can't really notice it. comes with bulb holders. Rare piece. £60 posted?

Corsa big block conversion hubs, one has a brand new bearing never been driven, other needs replacing (£12 for bearing and garage labour which isn't a lot) These take the bigger spline shafts 33 iirc.


Astra MK3 GSI grill one bit broken £15. I have bumpers, skirts etc for mk3 gsi as well.

Mocal 13 (need to check as maybe more) row Oil cooler cosmetically fine however to fit it in yo'll need adapters which are available online etc. I don't know what you'll need though. It was used on a x30xe block v6 corsa. £30

V6 corsa manifolds made to fit. Were on a x30xe block with a vectra 2.5 V6 ECU with two lambdas etc. £40, £50 delivered

C20xe coilpack with HT leads £20, £25 delivered

Double v pulley £10 delivered:

Cream injectors and inlet manifold c20xe £35 posted

Cream injectors £5 each (x6)

Blue injectors + rail £30 posted

flat flywheel £5, needs a clean with some wirewool.

3 x c20xe throttle bodys, £10 each.

Corsa B rear disc beam, I have also 4 stud and 5 stud discs, callipers so make a choice when you collect.

Beam as it is £50
4 stud rear setup £20 extra
5 stud rear £30 extra,
I also have 5 stud front corsa B big block conversion hubs with callipers and discs (£will sort out a good price depending what you want but between £50-70)

MAHLE forged early c20xe 86mm Pistons plus rods all in good condition afaik £10 each (and I have 6, maybe more in garage)

pot type pressure plate £10

Metal l piece (top one in pic) and plastic (bottom one in pic) £10 each

Box of Shafts £20

Uploaded with

Random parts £10

Standard 2.0 hubs from say a calibra etc. Need to be machined down to fit corsa Bearings etc. £20

Pulleys c20xe round tooth:

Calibra equal length shafts for upto 300BHP and reducing torque steer etc. Nice piece! £30

2 x short passenger side shafts £15 each:

2 x long shafts for conversion £15 each, starter motor £5, clutch £15 etc:

I have loads of cams £10 each,

c20xe standard mani £20

astra mk3 gsi bodykit, steinmetz skirts etc.

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