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Goodafternoon guys, i recently purchased a opel corsa d from 2007 with a 3 cylinder 1.0 engine. Im trying to install a remote control from the company SPY to my existing central locking.

Im only running into a few problems.. first problem is does the corsa have a seperate central locking module? Or is it located in the body module controle (bmc) on the driverside?

I know from older corsa that they have a central locking module located need the door of the passenger side, i checked but i couldnt find it..

So i went in to check the bmc, and i can definatly hear a clicking sound when i open or close the doors. So my guess is that its located in the bmc.

I tryed to locate wich wires i need to use by using a multimeter, but i cant seem to find the right wire...

Do you guys have any clue where i need to be and with wich wires? Also searched the internet for wiring diagram of the bmc but no luck so far.

I hope you guys can help me out, i cant find the path on my own..

I apoligize for my grammar, im from the netherlands.

Thanks in advance

And greetings from the netherlands.
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