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Hi folks,

Corsa D (60 plate) and I foolishly unplugged the passenger airbag disable button when changing the radio as took a lot of the dash apart to do this.
I did that without disconnecting the battery, so since then I've got the flashing passenger airbag disable flashing and the airbag red warning LED on in the dash.

I've left it for a few weeks, did a battery off, etc, and no reset and reading up looks like it needs a reset using a vaux reader.

So two questions:
1) Where/how to get this done cheaply, i just need it reset as know what the fault is, I'm in the North-East if anyone is around with the right reader!

2) What reader would I need for it? Unfortunately my Autel is too old so won't do it as doesn't go to the right model number, and my other OBD's are generic units so not specific enough. If I can get the right cable/software or somebody can point me in the right direction I'd go down that route.

Thanks in advance folks
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