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Corsa D Easytronic 1.2. jittery/stalling

wonder if anyone had this problem before: the car gets jittery and seems to struggle with gears at low speed, mainly in stop and go. Can notice the noise as if it tries to change the gear when stopped at traffic lights and in Automatic mode. Stalled a couple of times as well. Tried switching to manual but also on the edge of stalling when starting in first gear (all on hot engine, in traffic. Starting cold is no problem.)
All goes fine as soon as the speed is up and running.
Took it for main diagnostics, but no faults found. Also no faults come up on dashboard, although all lights do come up at starting and then disappear.
Been told it might be a gearbox, but garage not 100% sure, so would not want to pay so much to discover it's still not fixed it.

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IF it is the gearbox which is causing your problems, it could prove to be expensive to repair.
However, from the way that you are describing the problems, in particular that it works OK when cold, it is worth exhausting all other possibilities first.

I would suggest that you start by unplugging the mass air flow sensor and giving it a drive with this disconnected. The warning light will come 'on', but if it drives better, the replacement of the MAF sensor may be all that is required.
If there is no improvement with the above, it may pay to try a new temperature sensor, but if you do this, I would suggest that you buy a genuine GM one, as some of the 'will fit's' are not always reliable.
Another point worth thinking about - Has it had a good service recently?

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