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Hi All,
I have a problem with my interior light which I did not realise when buying the car. The light turns on perfectly fine when the doors are opened as it should however when all the doors are shut the switch on the light does nothing meaning a door must be opened to turn the light on which can be extremely frustrating, especially with winter coming up.
Thanks for any help in advance :)

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Basic Car Electrics for Beginner Part 20:
Interior Light.

This is about Interior lights, there seems to be a lot of confusion about how they work, it's quite a Simple circuit,
all you normally have is a permant live from the battery, to a fuse, from there to the lamp or lamps, the other side
of the lamp has to find an earth to make the light come on, the way it does that is, it goes to the door switch and
the switch is grounded to the when you open the door the switch activates by going to earth to complete
the circuit and the light comes there is sometimes a switch on the lamp itself, which just connects the bulb
to earth to make it light, now all the switches are wired in Parallel, and all the lamps are connected to the fuse.
so whichever door you open the light comes on, unless it's the tailgate that is probably earthed separate on its
own switch, depends if you want that one to come on with the others or not....

So fault finding is easy, grab your trusty test lamp, connect the clip to ground, check both sides of the fuse are
live, if its only live one side the fuse has gone, if you have nothing at all trace back to battery, if it's live both
sides proceed to the lamp, remove cover, check it's live one side, now when you put the tester on the other
side of the bulb one of two things can happen, either the tester will light up or the interior light bulb will
light, depends which is the lower wattage...all your really doing is by passing the door switch with the test lamp...
if it does all that the light is ok, it's unlikely all the door switches would fail at once, so if it still doesn't work
you have a wiring problem from lamp to switch, try taking one of the switches out, grounding the wire,
see if it comes have tested the bulb haven't you?

The System on a Corsa is a bit different in that most of the lamps earth via the Multi Timer, to the door switch,
so that's why when you lock and unlock the doors the light comes on, and it has a delay on and all
there we are not to hard to understand.

From Fred in Essex.
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