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Hi guys, new user here.

We have just returned from a 3 week holiday and my son's 2010 1.0 Corsa refuses to fire up.

The engine is turning over but not firing. I am erring on the side of fitting a new battery just to make sure that is not the problem. If I replace it, are there any pointers I need to know like radio code, clearing the ECU etc?

The last thing I want s for the ecu to screw up and I have to spend a fortune replacing it. Should I remove the battery and leave the new one out to clear the ECU - or replace it immediately?

Also, the windscreen wiper mechanism looks like it is goosed. I can see a ball joint has come away from the plastic holder (which has a crack in it so the 'ball' section drops out) and the wiper is not working as it should. Is there a replacement plastic bit I can get, or do I need to replace the entire mechanism? I was thinking I could grease up the joint and then secure the plastic ball joint holder with a tie wrap - would that work?

I have personally had Vauxhalls for years, but this Corsa is becoming a real pain in the backside!!

Any advice. tips or suggestions gratefully received :thumbs_up:



I think I have managed to sort the wiper problem and have the battery on charge. Hopefully, the bloody thing will fire up once the battery is reconnected.

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Welcome to the Forum.

There is nothing to be gained by leaving the battery disconnected.

These engines do like a fully (or at least, reasonably) charged battery, so hopefully, charging it will solve the problem.
Can you hear the fuel pump 'priming' when you switch 'on' the ignition? -If so, then that is one item that is working.

I must say that I am not too keen on the idea of a cable tie holding the wiper mechanism together for more than a 'get-you-home' measure - The last thing that you want in the middle of a thunderstorm, is for the wipers to pack up!

Do let us know how you get on after the battery is fully charged.

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