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About a year ago the engine wouldn't start on my Sxi 3rd 1.4.

Problem was the ECU had decided to reset (or something along those lines I can't remember the exact terminology) and the key (or the ECU, or possibly both the key and the ECU) needed reprogramming. I was told this could only be done at a car dealership.

About a year on and exactly the same thing has happened. It left me in a really difficult spot as I was hiking in the Scottish Highlands in the middle of nowhere. I towed it to nearest garage and left it there on a Sunday as I had to be in work on Monday so had to get the train.

Now I'm looking at 150 odd quid to tow to the nearest dealership which is 50 odd miles away.


1. Do I have any legitimate complaint to make against the last vauxhall dealer as if they had replaced a car part that stopped working within a year I would certainly complain.

2. Do I have any legitimate complaint against Vauxhall because this just seems like a money making scheme for them - £60 each time to get it reprogrammed and there's not much I can do about it - it feels like a ticking time bomb.

3. Is there anything I can do stop this happening in the future, short of selling my car.

4. Is this a common problem wth the D's? Any one else with experience of this
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