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After my last corsa was written off (Thread Here.) I bought another Corsa so needed a project thread in here.

It is a 1999 Corsa Sport 1.4 16v.
Features my last car didn't have include;
Airbag, ABS, Power steering
Electrically adjustable wing mirrors.
Heated wing mirrors.
CD player
Dashboard dimmer switch.
Full and complete service history.

The mileage is rather high, (118,000 miles) however the service history is immaculate, everything that should and could have being done was done. (four timing belts, full book of stamps etc), any advisories on the MOT's were always rectified.

Plans for this one are;

ICE etc;

1. Third Brake light. (Done)

2. Green Heater console.

3. Front Fog lights. (Done)

4. All the exterior Bulbs need upgrading. (Headlights done)

5. Boot Light to be Brighter, And Probably Blue. (Done)

6. Door Speakers & Tweeters to be Upgraded. (Done)

7. Rear Speakers upgraded and Tweeters Added. (Got parts, Need Fitting)

8. Interior light/s to be green.

9. Footwell lights. (Got the parts.)

10. Illuminated speaker/tweeter grills.

11. Interior Light Delay Unit. (Blew up, will try again some day)

12. Front Spotlights. (Got the Parts)

13. DRL's. (Done).

14. iPod connection Head unit (Got the parts)

15. Subwoofer parcel shelf. (Got the parts)

Mechanical etc;

1. Drilled & De-Restricted Airbox. (De-restricted, will be drilled at a later date.)


1. Sunglasses Holder. (got part, needs fitting)

2. Shagpile carpet in the boot.


1. Rear parking sensors. (Got Parts, Need Fitting)

2. Front Parking sensors. (Got parts, Need fitting)

3. Wind Deflectors.

4. Roof Bars & Basket

5. Roof Mounted Spotlights

6. Jerry cans, shovels etc on the roof basket.

7. Tigra Scuttle panel. (Done)


1. Renew the first aid box. (One day).

2. LED Keylight.

Other stuff to be added as I think of them.

Some Pics;











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Quite a few people have fire extinguishers in the car just incase of the fuel line, have read somewhere else in other peoples threads on other forums as to how easy a car can go up if something does happen to the fuel line. (Correct me if I am wrong)

Also if you were to have a fire I dont think the boot would be the best place to have a fire extinguisher, quite a few people have it mounted under neath the dash on the passenger side.

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First Mod done

Just thought I would stick this on here. The first Mod of the new car. Change the boot light to blue, its a lot brighter aswell so is more useful.


With the Flash off.

For some reason the one i bought is now listed at £51, I paid 99p for it. There are a good array of other lights etc available though.

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Managed to get airbox restrictor pipe off yesterday, still planning to drill the airbox at some point but that will have to wait.
Not noticed any difference, maybe a little more responsive (or just my imagination) but overall no difference in performance, mostly wanting to drill for the sound difference, was never expecting any performance increase.



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A sport with wheel trims? :confused:
Yeah I know, I've got some alloys but am looking to sell them as i need the money, will probably get another set at a later date i think.

Thinking of using my alloys rather than sell them but can't be sure. I need the money, but the ones i have i can't find anywhere so a bit reluctant to let them go.

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Decided to put my alloys back on.

I was going to sell them but decided not to for a few reasons.
Firstly I was trying them out to make sure they were still roadworthy, i had them checked and balanced then put them on for a couple of days to see how it went. I liked them on there so don't really want to let them go now.

Also I was looking around to try get a price to sell them at and couldn't find them anywhere so i'm assuming they are rather rare. I also never see them on the road anywhere.

One of them needs a new centre cap after it was dropped and dragged by some pleb. They could also do with a bit of a refurb when i have the money but that will have to wait.

Some Pics;



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Interior light dimmer

This also arrived today.

Part of the plan is a dimmer unit on the interior light.
The part looks rather old judging by the packaging but it has never even being opened.

I'll post an update once this has being done although it will be at least a month while i write my dissertation.


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Thought i had best update this as its being a while, recently moved house so being offline for a while.

The brake light is fitted, pictures once i get some proper broadband fitted, front speakers and tweeters have being replaced, need to get the plastic harness things from my last corsa before i can fit the rear ones.

car is having a few problems now but is still under its warranty so should be getting fixed, providing the warranty company doesn't find a way out of it.
(just about had it with various companies being wankers recently so gonna raise hell if they don't fix it.)

other plans include wiring up some footwell neons with the interior light instead of a permanent live (Or both), just wondering what peoples thoughts were on this, and how it could be done really. I'm looking to put in a timer unit so the interior light stays on, but i doubt it will power the neons at the same time, and either way i want them to go off straight away anyway.

also looking to fit some front spotlights, foglights and daytime running lights aswell as another rear brake light this one in particular Clicky

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Big Update!

Ok so thought i had best update this now that my new broadband is finally working after a month of waiting.

First off, got my new stickers through and went for the rear windows this time.


Second, went on a drive round the local villages and towns for the jubilee, not many pics but stopped along the way to look at some wind turbines being built.




Third, got my front fogs fitted and working, typically it will probably never be foggy for the rest of my life now, it was never foggy while these were on my last car until i wrote it off, then it was naturally foggy all the frigging time.




Then on the same day this happened, the car has the usual age related problems but all in all drives well and has being so far rather reliable. just needs a new rocker gasket, a coolant leak fixing although not urgent really, and possibly a new exhaust and brakes come MOT time.




That's all for now, got my eye on some front spotlights to go on the radiator grill between the headlights also looking to replace the brakes with some better ones at some point, they need doing anyway so may as well upgrade.
possibly if i can find a new job this thing will be getting lowered as well using some 40mm springs i have lying around at the moment.
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