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I have a Corsa SXI '52 plate which I bought a few months ago. When I first bought it, everything was working fine bar needing a new fuse for the sub woofer in the back, which I replaced no problem.
After a few weeks the speakers have all gone weird. The subwoofer is not receiving any power at all. My right side speaker kept bumping in and out, so I assumed it was a loose wire. I took off the car door, speaker cover, front radio and jiggled it all about which seemed to work for a bit and then it died again. Left hand speaker recently just cut out completely, so I am now left with no sound. Whenever it is raining, the speakers all seem to come back to life, so I think there must be some water damage? I have no cover on my battery and all the fixtures are getting soaked so could this be the issue? I also noticed the inside of the fuse for the amp was a bit wet as well.
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