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I know text talk isn't allowed, but abbreviations are a different thing entirely.

When it comes to detailing, there are a lot of abbreviations used, so here is a quick guide to the most common ones. Oh, and a few "shortened words" for good measure. I will update it as and when.

2BM - 2 Bucket Method
AG - Auto Glym
APC - All Purpose Cleaner
BOS - Best Of Show (wax by Swissvax)
BTBM - Born To Be Mild (by Dodo Juice)
CG - Chemical Guys
Colly - Collinite
DA - Dual Action
DAS-6 - Kestrel's Dual Action Polisher
FK - Finish Kare
G220 - Meguiar's Dual Action polisher
GG - Grit Guards
IPA - Isopropyl Alcohol
LP - Lime Prime (by Dodo Juice)
LSP - Last Stage Product
Megs - Meguiars
MF - Micro Fibre
Menz - Menzerma (range of polish)
ONR - Optimum No Rinse
OP - Orange Peel
PB - Poor Boys (company)
PW - Pressure Washer
SN - Supernatural (a higher end product by Dodo Juice)
SRP - Super Resin Polish
TFR - Traffic Film Remover

Some abbreviations may have more that one use (ie, BH can mean Bilt Hamber or Black Hole).

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Abbreviations are more than welcome on the forum. We have a full thread dedicated to common terms used on forums so I think this one will be useful too. Stickied.
Also, would the first one not be 2BM?
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