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Ok, well ill start off by saying I am soooo pleased at the material I bought. I ordered it late yesterday and it came today, I was very surprised. It's the last thing I ordered and first thing to arrive.
I've gone for jet-black faux suede. It's got some real good weight to it, and looks like top-notch material.

I've ordered some fabric glue from ebay too, and hopefully that will be here tomorrow.

Ok so this is my basic idea, and the reason I've posted it in this section is so that if I'm wrong someone could please kindly guide me in the right direction.

Door cards removed.
Cut material so it's bit bigger than each door card.
Lay it over as a sort of template, pushing it into the cracks etc, just to see how it looks.
Spray both the door card and the material with the glue.
Place the material on the door card, flushing out any air bubbles, and wrapping it tightly over edges.
Wait to dry.
Using a Stanley knife cut excess material.
Re-assemble door card.

Does that sound rite, or am I missing something out, or doing something wrong?

They are corsa b door cards, and don't really look that hard to cover (I don't imagine).

Well any help is appreciated. If it all goes well, ill make a tutorial with pics etc.

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