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Ok so I spoke to Lee and he's happy to allow me to post this here as it's not specific to Corsas.

Driveway Modders is a site I've been working on, for people who love to write or even just read project threads. I know I do!
So the idea of this website is simply for people to just sign up to the forums, and post their cars, what they've done to it, what they'd like to do next, pictures etc. etc.

The home pages themselves will feature various news articles, car and mod of the month, information on learning to drive, and vehicle registration, events, directories, and classifieds.

Right at this very moment I am the only one registered, and the only one with a project blog. Hopefully, the more people that post up their projects, the more people will be attracted to the site, so help a fellow car enthusiast out and sign up today.

You guys are the first to hear about the site, but I'll be spreading the word as much as possible soon.
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