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Hi all newbe here so sorry for any mistakes.

Could anybody shed light on these error codes. I'm out in Oz and the car is a niece's Holden Barina 1.4 2004. (I'm assuming this is a type of Corsa).

She took it to the Holden garage about 6mths ago and got the timing belt changed. After that the engine light came on on the dash. They said this was due to oil in the electrics from a leaking oil pressure switch which they replaced. The light came back on and the diagnosed it as being the O2 sensor which was replaced recently. The light came back on almost imediately and they diagnosed it as being a leaking oil pressure switch again and oil in the electrics. This time after replacing the oil pressure switch and cleaning the electrical connectors they were recomending replacing the harness and the ECU if the light came back on again (which it has).
I've reset the ECU by disconnecting the battery and the light stayed out for a couple of runs of the car but is back on.
I've read the codes by pressing the accelorator and brake pedal at the same time and the codes appear to be: 0146, 0141, 0560.

Any Ideas?

Many thanks Nic.
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