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Hey, hoping someone will be able to help here!

My EGR valve went kaput a week or so ago, and my car wouldn't start at all. The AA came out and fitted a blanking plate in a link pipe to get the car going until the EGR value was replaced. It took the AA chap about 15-20 mins to fit this blanking pipe.

The EGR value was replaced last Friday, but when I mentioned the blanking plate to the guy that replaced the EGR value for me he didn't find one...

Anyhow, the engine management light flashed on again today with the same error code as when the blanking plate was fitted. I strongly suspect the blanking plate is still in situ, and I'd like it removed otherwise there's no point in having the EGR value replaced!

On the AA report, it says a blanking plate was fitted in link pipe - anyone have ideas which link pipe this could be? If anyone has any pics/diagrams that would help too. It's a Corsa D 1.3 CDTI 2014
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