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It's nothing major. I wouldn't get stressed over it trust me. I had a egr issue, replaced it myself, took me about 30 mins in total that's looking for my tools etc and taking it out of my old corsa. But they will need a new gasket if they wanted to replace it.

People blank them off with a banking plate if they get sick of it! It just circulates the gasses to cool it down better or something. It won't put "extra" load on the cat though.

If I was in your position, I'd take it off, buy a new gasket for it, clean it with "carb cleaner" to a mirror shine inside and put it back in and see what happens.

Did garage clear the code and wait for it to come back on to make sure it is the egr valve?

There is a detailed guide in the tutorials section (mechanical) regarding the EGR valve.

If it doesn't affect performance then I wouldn't worry about it too much and get it done in your own time or if you find a cheaper quote. £48 labour is too much IMO.

Try ringing autovaux up for a quote on the EGR valve and a gasket, then ask some back street garage how much they'd charge to fit it, shop around on eBay etc..
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