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Hi, I have a 2011 Corsa SE.
The passenger side window has been acting up since I bought the car recently. The switch on the passenger side fully works, (one touch, up down etc.) however using the passenger window from the driver's switch is a different story. I can bring the window down with or without one touch, but the window will not come up at all unless done from the passenger window switch. The light on the passenger switch is also not illuminated unless I pull up on the driver's switch for the passenger window however as mentioned before it won't pull up the window, only flash the light on the passenger switch. Can't find anyone else with the same problem so guessing it's not very common.
Have checked the wiring in both switches and replaced the switches itself, checked the fuses and problem still remains.

Any help would be appreciated as I only have access to one window of my car and this is a nightmare especially with summer around the corner.
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