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Hi All,

I fitted electric windows to a 1.0 breeze last year and at the time radio wasn't fitted.

But,, fitted Alpine head unit last week ( no big deal just pluggged in ) and :

Every time I turn radio on - N/s electric window goes down :palm:

Window conversion was followed via tut, and was very straight forward, ran pos from battery into fusebox in n/s kickwell, then onto both doors. earth wires commoned and fixed to floor pan. Ignition live taken from cigar lighter and fed to both doors. 2 wires run between doors so that switch in o/s door operates n/s window - all fine

So why does the window go down and only the n/s one ?

I've seen a tut for heated front seats where the illumination wire is taken from the interior light fuse, had steered away from this as its not an ignition feed but is this a better option

I'm stumped, its such a simple circuit but I can't understand why its doing it

Any ideas ?

Ta Al
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