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hi all.

first would like to say a hello to everyone here with my first post.

i think i have a electrical problem somewhere within the car, i dont have an idea when it comes to car electrical so wondering if anyone had an idea of what it could be.

i seem to have a drain somewhere from the battery but the only other strange thing is that when i sound the horn my interior light come on but quite dim. not sure if this could even be connected though.

i have a corsa b 1.7 diesel w reg.

cheers, paul

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There may well be something causing a drain on your battery, one item that tends to get overlooked is the 'boot' light which may be staying 'on'.
It could also be down to a weak battery, so it might pay to disconnect the battery, leave the car to stand for the length of time that it normally takes to flatten the battery. Reconnect the battery and attempt a start. If the battery now appears to be flat, the problem is probably the battery itself.
On the other hand, if the engine turns over briskly, there is probably some item causing the drain, in which case, you could connect an ammeter in SERIES with one battery post and its terminal lug, anything above a few milliamps showing on the ammeter is to be regarded as suspicious, so withdraw the fuses ONE at a TIME to try to locate the fault.
If withdrawing fused fails to lower the reading, try disconnecting the alternator and re testing - it could be an alternator fault.

The dim interior light when you sound the horn, may not be related, and may well be down to some high resistance in the horn circuit.

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