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I have a very very big dilemma. My car is a very beautiful Corsa D Life 2007 1L.

When driving home the other night on the M56, my temperature light decided to show and my car went into "safe mode". Being a female on my own I didn't stop and carried on driving. To cut a long story short, the engine ceased and then flooded due to me continuing to drive the car. The head was badly warped, piston was chipped and as a result a new engine was needed. A new engine was taken from a Corsa C with the same engine code Z10XEP and the original inlet ECU & EGR was fitted to this new engine and original pipe work was also used.. All plugs and wiring were connected with no loose ends and the engine was oiled and new water and coolant was put in. The battery has been off for a week whilst the car has been idle. Once the engine was fitted etc we tried it but it just winds over 6-7 times then automatically stops winding over instead of winding and winding like normal. There are no pops or bangs and the engine light is on but not flashing.

Any advice on how to get my car started & what could be wrong?
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