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Hi guys, I need some help here please.

EML and loss of speedo has been happening for quite a while, always when hot. I ignored it. Recently the idle speed started to fluctuate, up to ~1200 (at worst), down to ~500.
When normal, I could pull away without accelerator, revs would be fixed or rise slightly. Now, down at 500, when pulling away it would stall without throttle. I removed inst. cluster, cleaned contacts and replaced, seemed to be ok until today. After 15 miles probs returned (when hot again). When you prepare to slow down/stop and select neutral, revs plummet below 500 as if it'll stall but never actually stalls, yet.

I'm at a loss, its done 65k, been great, but worth maybe less than a diag test.
Any ideas folks?
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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