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hi all i'm wondering if someone can help me figure out what's wrong with my car,
the other day on my way home from town my car just cut out, i managed to pull out the way and couldn't get the car started, there tool light and engine management lights come on when it died but then went off again when i turned the ignition on again to try start it

i managed to get the car started and managed to get 200 yeards before it happened again, it did this about 4 times and then the engine management light stayed on and i managed to drive home which was about 5 miles away, i used the car a couple of times on short runs and the light stayed on and it never cut out but now the lights gone off i haven't dared use the car

now when this first all happened i ordered a eml obd2 cable and it turned up this morning and these are the error codes i come up with, now what i need to know if could 1 or 2 things be causing all the codes to come up. also when i last serviced the car a couple thousand miles ago i didnt change the fuel filter so i'm suspecting that could be blocked

errer codes i got were

p0403 exhaust gas recirculation control circuit
p0443 evaporative emission system purge control valve circuit
p0135 02 sensor heater circuit
p0141 02 sensor heater circuit
p0201 injector citcuit/open cylinder 1
p0202 injector citcuit/open cylinder 2
p0203 injector citcuit/open cylinder 3

any help would be appreciated
forgot to say my corsa is a 05 plate 1.0
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