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I just taken all of my sound system out its been in like 1 WEEK, decided it wasnt for me went home with too many headaches tell you that.

This stuff i might as well class it as brand new...

1 JBL SUB 1000W with Mutant amp this will bridge over to about 700W, i have all the wiring kit which is brand new (Autoleads) which cost me £29.99 , for those two here i will accept £50 pick up only bargin.

Next i have a amp which is ideal for powering up 6x9 speakers this is also like 1 week old and i will put yet another amp wiring kit in worth £29.99, this amp is 300w. I will accept £40 pick up only another bargin ;)

Right next, is a full kit of red neons this kit has never been used its all there in the box as i opened to check, it has loads of diffrent programs flashing still moves to your music etc etc very good kit if anyone knows anything about neons they know this is one of the best kits. Its a LED Prism kit it retials at £99.99 last time i checked. I will accept £42


Any other question message me :thumbs_up:
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