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interior mods -
2000w fli sub
1000w fli amp
280w vibe 6x9
220w edge speakers in the front
fli tweeters - not sure of the whatts
pioneer head unit with digital radio wired in.
blue led dash
wired in a rev counter with the dash (as had model without rev counter)
blue interior light
limo window tints to the rear

exterior mods-
not sure what the alloys are, as they came when bought the car, think they are from a cav but have painted them gloss black myself.
painted drums and calipers red.
adjustable coil overs 30-100m range
corsa mud flaps on the rear
rage big bore exhaust
sportex race tube
daytime running lights from an aygo fire... (perks of being a mechanic at toyota and *****)
k&n induction kit
rear tinted lights
angel headlights
hid kits 6000k and 8000k
thats about it really... looking to redo interior but still thinking of ideas.... of what to do... hopefully want to upgrade breaks all round so i can drop the 2 liter turbo in... but need to wait for insurance to go down first... but need ideas to do between then... :)

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Not to keen on the fog lights in the bumper or the corsa sticker down the side other than that I can't really see as the pics are small

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stickers will be coming off soon, not sure why i put them on in the first place, and got the fogs through work... and thought it looked different :) will upload some more soon
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