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Hello all,

I've a Corsa B Envoy the front bumper to which is loose on one side. It's down to a loose bumper bolt - last owner fitted a plastic one and I think I've knocked another loose in a small bump on my fencepost.

I've got hold of some of the metal bumper bolts (free from a kindly Vauxhall breakers) but I can't fit this properly. The hole for the screw is squarish and there's a rubber or plastic fitting plugged in there which I need to screw the bolt into. It seems to allow it to fit in the square hole. Problem is I don't know what these are called and I've never seen anyone mention them on any posts to do with fitting bumpers. Anyone have any idea what I'm on about and know about these? I'm trying to get hold of it. Without them the bolt seems to be just spinning in there quite loosely. I reckon the thread on the fitting thing itself is knackered. I'm no good with cars but hoped I'd be able to sort this issue out myself! Any help is much appreciated. Cheers.
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