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Ive seen the B52 powered by 8 jet turbines crash at the nationals show a couple of years back :D!, also a 24 foot wingspan lancaster crash into a tree at weston park show a good few years back :laugh:, another good one was someone flying a £2500 BD-5 jet (one from james bond) they was doing a fast low pass and someone was hand launching a £50 foamy electric plane.. straight into it BOOM!

I'm friends with Ali Mashinchy (junior and senior) who own Als hobbies (big model shop business in the uk), seen most of his big jets flying round at the shows, you wanna see a decent rc pilot he's the one!!! -

Sonny -


And my best mate richard truscott flying his heli -

Sorry for all the links :D
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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