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I purchased in May 2013 a new limited edition 1.2, 3 door version.
I find that the economy is rubbish. I'm getting a combined figure of 40mpg and just reset the trip etc and completed a 100 mile all motorway trip at a steady 60 mph and achieved 51.3 which I think is garbage.
I've just booked it into my local Lookers, for the second time. All they did last time was a diagnostic and said its fine.
Also wouldn't pull you out of a paper bag. On a steady, but not steep incline, I had to change down to 3rd as my foot was to the metal in 4th and going nowhere.
Anyone got ant ideas please?

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TBF mate, The Corsa D is a heavy car for a 1.2, you will drop the box to go up hills, it's not the most torquey of engines.

ALSO, your engine won't be "bedded" in yet, it's still a new engine. Expect the MPG to slightly increase as you start hitting 10k and over miles.

You'll NEVER hit the mpg figures quoted by dealers, as they're achieved in perfect conditions
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