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I had a problem with my fuel pump on my corsa b petrol 1,2 8v

when i took it of the car, I saw a crack on it's body.
i used a glue that promises to last in fuel and the crack is gone.
but before taking it back into the car I found it a good idea to test the pump.

I installed 2 hoses one on each side of the pump and fitted them in
a bottle full of petrol.
I gave 12 volts to the pump and there it goes...

but... the pump had 2 little holes on the bottom of it's body
(they didn't seem to be a problem in the beginning)
while it was working the one of them kept spitting petrol.
when i stacked my finger on them the pump seemed to be working fine
cerculing the gasoline in the bottle.

Is this condition acceptable? is this the way my pump is supposed to work?
or is it malfunctioning and I should get it replaced?
thanks in advance for your time.
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