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Haven't posted for a very long time but the 1995 Corsa B is still in the family :)

It's a 1.4 8v Single Point Injection.. So here's the problem.

Brand new battery, starter motor fine but engine won't fire up even with the throttle fully open. Full tank of fuel and even with a boost from another car (bringing the battery voltage up to 13.66v) it will only just fire up for a split second, then cut out immediately.

The only thing I can think is fuel starvation? Not sure whether it could be the fuel pump or clogged fuel filter..

Also I'm thinking maybe the fuel pump relay has gone to sh1te ?

Any feedback welcome.

Not really sure where to start or how to test the fuel pump etc.

Many regards,


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Starting and then stopping within a second or two, is quite often an immobiliser fault - It's worth trying with your spare ignition key (if you have one) as the transponder in the key fob may have gone on strike.
If you still think that it is fuel pump related, you could start by checking the voltage at the pump terminals - check it with the pump disconnected, if you have (more or less) battery voltage there, re-connect the pump and check the voltage again. If the voltage is now zero, or very much lower than it was in the first test, there is high resistance in the circuit, which could include the relay contacts.

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