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Firstly, this is my first post using this forum, only became a Corsa owner a few days ago but I am already impressed with the following and support available to this car! Tbh, of all the cars iv owned previously, only the MG/Rover site appeared to have more info, and lets face it, as an experience MG owner, they need it!!

But I am happy to say those days are over and in only the few days i'v had this car I can already see the attraction. However, upon purchasing this car I have stumbled across (what appears...) to be its only fault. The direction of the air flow coming from the Heater Blower is stuck.

I have used the search functions in hope for some guidance with this issue, although as of yet only found a general response of 'The control knob has snapped'. I did check this but unfortunately it doesnt appear to be such an easy fix.. removing the controls and rotating the pulley behind it manually still does not allow full movement. So I followed the cable to the other end behind the dashboard, and with a lot of force I can gain greater movement though still not full. It feels as if something it blocking the movement...

Having not had the car very long this is about as far as I have managed to get with the problem. I am hoping someone else could possibly point me in the right direction, whether that be tell me the cause of the problem, or just how to gain better access to behind the dash via its removal etc.

All advice/ help appreciated and I am glad to have joined such an enthusiastic and helpful owners club!

The car is a Corsa SXI 1.2 2010

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