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Hi guys so basically my partner has a 58 plate corsa just hitting 41k miles

recently the engine light came on followed by oil and battery, I have since changed the oil, batteries fine, was a bit stuck so rang RAC who came out to check the vehicle

we found a loose connection with the mapping sensor so not enough fuel has been pumped into the engine, we done a process of elimination cleaning off the spark plugs etc and then finally doing a pressure test on each cylinder

was told cylinders even on a 1L shout be around 150 but both right and left cylinders were picking up the same of 130 but the middle cylinder was way to low only picking up 70

the car does not start and just ticks and ticks but won’t kick over (probably down to too low pressure on the middle cylinder)

anyone have any advice on what it could be before I take it into the garage and get charged an arm and a leg ? If you have an idea do you have a rough price guidance or an honest opinion on just scrapping it

thanks B
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