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Oh dear - you are having problems!

It's a bit of a long list, but just to tackle a couple of things:

The shudder on startup - since it's been serviced I'll assume the plugs are OK, so I'd begin by checking the coilpack. It sounds like damp is getting into it. Take it off and look for any signs of cracking or deposits around the tips where the coilpack connects to the plugs. Give it a good spray with WD40 and see if there is any improvement.

The 'kangerooing' and the clocks failing give a hint that the two belong together. The early C has an issue with a poor connection behind the dashboard. When it gets loose you get intermittent instrument failure and running problems. I'd take the instrument panel out and check that connector - Vauxhall did an adhesive to hold it solid as a fix. Easy enough to put something in there to make it more solid. Again, try that and see if it makes any improvement.
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