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I'm having problems with my 2010 Corsa D 1.0L Energy Ecoflex.
In the last month or so it has intermittently gone into 'limp mode' (about 5 times in total).

Every time is has been a cold day, the car starts up ok, little higher revs than normal so I can guess it will happen. Then when i start driving, BAM, car/spanner light comes on and it goes super sluggish.

First time it happened i turned round and went home and called the garage, got back in my car turned it on and the light had gone off. I took it to the garage anyway and they plugged it into the computer and said there were no codes stored, and to try and bring it in when the light was still on.

It happened again this morning on my way to work, I restarted my engine a few times with no success - the light went off but it was still in 'limp home mode'. Then turned engine off at some traffic lights, and back on at green and it was back to normal.

It seems every time it happens it's either a Sunday (garage is shut) or I'm not near a garage to get it checked out! :mad:

Has anyone else had a similar problem and could have a guess at what could be wrong with it?
It's done 46700 miles and the engines a bit chuddery but I put that down to it being a tiny 3 cylinder :palm: It was last serviced in June last year and not due again until June this year.

Thanks! :D

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Welcome to the Forum.

As there are no fault codes, this could be one of quite a few things.
It may pay to start by buying a tin of 'carb cleaner' (Halfords) and use that, along with a small brush to give the throttle body a good clean (inside and out).
If the problem persists, you could try a new engine temperature sensor, but if you do this, make sure that you buy a genuine Vauxhall one, as some of the after-market sensors are rubbish.

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